Par 3 and Executive Golf

Get your short game on!

Hybrid Golf Ball Attracting

New Breed of Modern Golfer

by Duane Peterson, Pointfive Golf Company

"We don't build or design smaller golf courses....we just enhance the golfing experience....
by making them play better!"

It used to be that golf was a top recreational activity preferred by many. Well, things have certainly changed! New surveys show golf sinking in popularity.

What's causing this shift away from getting out on the course? Experts say that newcomers are intimidated by golf, along with seasoned golfers who are completely dropping the sport. Many say the big issue is the time factor, for others it's the cost. Today's faster paced lifestyle works opposite a game which hasn't gotten any quicker. People find it exceedingly difficult to justify a six-hour block of time for golf. Longer and more difficult courses have also made it hard for the average golfer, let alone beginners to enjoy themselves.

Studies show that for golf to grow time, cost and difficulty issues must be addressed. It is also evident that the full-sized golf course cannot adapt to these modern needs!

However, there is a new approach to solving these's called the Hybrid Golf Ball! A mid-distance golf ball developed for a quick round of traditional golf on the compact (executive, par-3 & mid-length) golf course. Produces the same challenging golf game found on the big course, but quickens play, makes golf affordable, less frustrating....& the ball floats!

Growing the game by creating a practical golf experience.

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